3 Year LL.B.

Why 3 Year LL.B.?

A three-year course is pursued after possessing any graduation degree and thus those possessing graduation in any discipline shall be eligible for a three-year course in law. Any person holding a graduation in Science, Engineering, B. Com. or B.A. or any other course for that matter, and later decide that they want to pursue Law as a career option can enroll in this course.

The upper age limit has been removed, which opens the doors for professionals with years of experience to still pursue the course, for students, for graduates, everyone to pursue law in case they want to change their career graph. Earlier, the age limit set by the Bar Council of India (BCI) was 30 years, but after facing criticism from the Apex court, BCI decided to increase the age limit from 30 years to 45 years for 3-year law courses. Later, the age bar of 45 years was also removed by BCI.

Most students who are aware of the five-year course, still opt for a three-year course in order to gain a better perspective in each field.

Students get access to courtroom practice as colleges layout Moot Courts, research submissions, Mock Trial Courts in their curriculum.

Students also undergo internships every semester with top law firms, corporates, NGO’s and the likes and further enhance their knowledge on the practical aspects of the law.

The positive aspect of this course is that, as the students in this course are already graduates, the University starts directly with hard-core legal subjects without wasting any time.

Thus professionals in any field, graduates, students pursuing any graduation, who are inclined to make a career in law can enroll in this course.


Sr. No. Subject Code Subject Title
1 UL-FLL-101 Environmental Laws
2 UL-FLL-102

Law of Contract - I

3 UL-FLL-103 Law of Torts including Consumer Protection Act, 2019 & Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 (as Amended of 2019)
4 UL-FLL- 104 Constitution Law- I
5 UL-FLL- 105 Law of Crimes


Sr. No. Subject Code Subject Title
1 UL-FLL-201 Contract - II
2 UL-FLL-202 Labour Law - I
3 UL-FLL- 203 Family Law - I
4 UL-FLL-204 Constitutional Law - II
5 UL-FLL-205 Clinical Course - I: Professional Ethics & Professional Accounting System