D.M. Harish School of Law


The formation of D.M. Harish School of Law, Mumbai is the upshot of the efforts of founding members of HSNCU, who have always set milestone to raise the bar and incorporate best institutions and highest of excellence in education in last several decades.

D.M. Harish School of Law, the pristine and extensive campus located at the premier location in South Mumbai, established and managed by H(S)NCB, which have earned national and global recognition. The objective is to provide socially relevant comprehensive and interdisciplinary legal education through curriculum, innovations, and adding new interfaces to address contemporary issues.

This giant step forward has been made possible by the higher education reforms agenda of Rashtriya Uchatera Shikshan Abhiyan (RUSA), - an apex body under the Ministry of Human Resources, Government of India, - and the Government of Maharashtra.

The H(S)NCB decided to launch this institution to convert law aspirants into best legal agents of the country. For the next level development, it aims to impart legal education and justice education as an instrument of great change.

All the law program is designed by D.M. Harish School of Law to create the New Age Legal Professionals by pooling the resources from experts from legal fraternity, and best of the academia. Apart from bestowing physical, academic and ICT facilities, along with IT infrastructure, and Knowledge Resource Center (library); the institution has unlimited reservoir and condign artistry to provide to the forthcoming legal generation.

The concept of D.M. Harish School of Law is to structure the constructs of best pedagogy, reinforced by assignments, law cases, internships and inputs by best legal league.

The abiding reputation of the law school has ensured the immense employment/placement and higher education opportunities, in India and abroad, have opened up for the students who graduate from here.