The HSNCU Knowledge Resource Centre (KRC) supports the mission of the University and is committed to:

  • provide seamless access to knowledge
  • promote intellectual growth and creativity
  • stimulate excellence in research and scholarship
  • cultivate a lifelong learning environment
  • build inquisitive, socially responsible community


The KRC aims to provide a platform to Learn, Share, Innovate and Create to its stakeholders. For the same it curate, acquire, collate and create required content, training and support in terms of expertise, services and facilities.

Collection details

The collection of the Knowledge Resource Centre and its member
libraries is indicated below






Databases Subscribed





Databases Subscribed


2.All India Reporter Institutional Version (2007-till date)

3.Air Supreme Court Database Research 1950-2021

4.Air High Court Database Research 1950-2021

5.Criminal Law Journal Database Research 1950-2021

6.All India Reporter Privy Council Database (1900-1950)

7.EBSCO: Business Source Elite

8.NLIST (6000+ e journals and 3135000+e books)

9.IBI (1 lakh + companies)

10.JGATE (48000+ E-journals)

11.CBM E Books (General Reading E resources)

12.Language lab (Business English, Hindi, French)

Director (Ag), Knowledge Resource Centre

Dr. Madhuri Tikam

Director of Knowledge Resource Centre

Dr Madhuri Tikam Director (Ag.), Knowledge Resource Centre, HSNC University, Mumbai is an eminent academic and library professional working actively in the field since the last 26 years. Dr. Tikam is merit holder at her graduate and post graduate studies. She completed her graduation from University of Mumbai in 1993 and her post-graduation in Library and Information Science from SNDT Women’s University in 1995.

Our Team

Librarian & Assistant Librarian

Name Designation Campus
Dr. Priya Pillai Librarian BTTC, Colaba Campus
Ms. Dipika Rokade Assistant Librarian H.R. College, Churchgate Campus
Mr. Ravikumar D. Jain Assistant Librarian HCampus
Msokade Assistant Librarian K.C. College, Churchgate Campus
Ms. Trupti More Assistant Librarian K.C. College, Churchgate Campu

Professionals, Office and Technical Staff

Name Campus
Ms. Pooja Garde H.R. College, Churchgate Campus
Mr. Akshay Mandavalekar H.R. College, Churchgate Campus
Mr. Ramjiyavan R. Pandey K.C. College, Churchgate Campus
Mr. Hitesh Ahuja K.C. College, Churchgate Campus

Supporting Staff

Name Campus
Mr. C. K. Yadav H.R. College, Churchgate Campus
Mr. K. Mishra H.R. College, Churchgate Campus
Mr. P. Haram H.R. College, Churchgate Campus
Mr. Maninathan G. K.C College, Churchgate Campus
Mr. Keshav P Pandey K.C College, Churchgate Campus
Mr. Ramajor Jaiswar. K.C College, Churchgate Campus
Mr. Vikas Kharat. K.C College, Churchgate Campus
Mr. Ganesh S Bhagat K.C College, Churchgate Campus
Mr. Sunil Rochlani K.C College, Churchgate Campus
Mr. Reghunath Sawant BTTC, Colaba Campus
Ms. Divya More HSNCU, Worli Campus


Under Fair use, part of the book or articles of journals, parts of research papers, technical papers are permissible to photocopy for personal study/research or teaching assignment only. Please Note that photocopying more than one chapter or 10% of total available pages may not be considered under the fair use. Photocopying entire out of print book for distribution purpose is not permitted.

E-resources instructions:

  • The sharing of passwords is strictly prohibited.
  • The subscribed E-resources should be used by licensed users only.
  • Electronic resources such as e-journals, e-databases, e-books etc. made available are for academic use.
  • Any violation of this policy will result in blocking from accessing these resources & penal action will be taken as per the rules and regulations of the University.
  • Downloading or printing of a complete book or an entire issue or a volume of one or more journals (called systematic downloading) is strictly prohibited.