Director Innovation, Incubation Linkage & Placement

Dr. Parag Gide

Dr. Parag Gide

Director of Innovation, Incubation, Linkage &Placements

Dr. Parag Gide, is the Director of Innovation, Incubation, Linkages & Placements, HSNC University & Principal of Dr. L. H. Hiranandani College of Pharmacy Responsible for academic and administrative academic activities.

An accomplished academic with 18 publications and 2 patents, Dr Gide is a member of the Academic Council, University of Mumbai. He served as member, Board of Studies in Pharmaceutical Chemistry in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Pune.

He has published 28 papers in national and international peer reviewed journals With strong research foundation he had Guided Six Ph.D Students. He believes "Change is end result of all true learning".