Why HSNC University, Mumbai?

HSNC University, Mumbai is a culmination of three prestigious colleges of Hyderabad Sind Collegiate Board. The HSNC Board have a legacy of more than 70 years in the field of education with 23 educational institutions continuously serving the community by providing quality education, from school education to higher education.

These constituent colleges offer multidisciplinary programmes spanning across Arts, Science, Commerce Education, Mass Media, Management and Information Technology. These institutions offer Undergraduate, Postgraduate as well as PhD programs blended with proactive social awareness units such as NSS, Adult Education Extension and Rotaract Club. The social endeavours of these constituent colleges are recipients of recognition at University, State, National and International levels.

Why HSNC University, Mumbai?

Online Admissions


Science -

  • B.Sc. Biotechnology KC
  • B.Sc. Chemistry KC
  • B.Sc. Computer Sciences KC
  • B.Sc. Data Science HSNCU
  • B.Sc. Information Technology KC
  • B.Sc. Life Science / Biochemistry KC
  • B.Sc. Microbiology KC
  • B.Sc. Physics KC
  • B.Sc. Statistics KC

Bachelor of Education -

  • B.Ed. Education BTT

Arts -

  • B.A. Economics KC
  • B.A. English KC
  • B.A. Films, Television and New Media Production KC
  • B.A. Hindi KC
  • B.A. History KC
  • B.A. Multi Media & Mass Communication KC, HR
  • B.A. Psychology KC
  • B.A. Sociology KC

School of Performing Arts -

  • B.PA Performing Arts HSNCU
  • BPA (Bharatanatyam/ Kathak/ Odissi/ Hindustani Music Vocal/ Hindustani Music Instrumental/ Drama and Theatre Studies) HSNCU

Commerce -

  • B.Com. Accounting & Finance (BAF) KC, HR
  • B.Com. Banking & Insurance (BBI) KC, HR
  • B.Com. Business Analytics HSNCU
  • B.Com. Commerce KC, HR
  • B.Com. Financial Market (BFM) KC, HR
  • Bachelor’s in Management Studies (BMS) KC, HR
  • B.Voc. Retail Management HR
  • B.Voc. Tourism & Hospitality Management HR

School of Yoga and Wellness-

  • B.Yoga Yoga HSNCU
  • B.Sc. Yoga HSNCU

Arts -

  • M.A. Communication and Journalism (MACJ) KC
  • M.A. Hindi KC
  • M.A. Media, Entertainment and Advertising (MAEMA) KC
  • M.A. Psychology KC
  • M.A. in Sindhi (University)
  • M.A. in Education (University)
  • M.A. Liberal Studies
  • M.A. Economics

Commerce -

  • M.Com. Advanced Accountancy KC, HR
  • M.Com. Banking and Finance HR
  • M.Com. Business Management HR

Science (by Papers) -

  • M.Sc. (Papers) Analytical Chemistry KC
  • M.Sc. (Papers) Computer Science KC
  • M.Sc. (Papers) Information Technology KC
  • M.Sc. (Papers) Inorganic Chemistry KC
  • M.Sc. (Papers) Microbiology KC
  • M.Sc. (Papers) Organic Chemistry KC
  • M.Sc. (Papers) Physical Chemistry KC
  • M.Sc. (Papers) Statistics KC
  • M.Sc. in Computer Science (University)
  • M.Sc. In Information Technology (University)
  • M.Sc. In Yoga (University)
  • M.Sc. In Data Sciences (University)

Science (By Research) -

  • M.Sc. (Research) Analytical Chemistry KC
  • M.Sc. (Research) Inorganic Chemistry KC
  • M.Sc. (Research) Nuclear & Radiochemistry KC
  • M.Sc. (Research) Organic Chemistry KC
  • M.Sc. (Research) Physical Chemistry KC

Performing Arts -

  • MPA (Bharatanatyam/ Kathak/ Odissi/ Hindustani Music Vocal/ Hindustani Music Instrumental/ Drama and Theatre Studies) HSNCU


Sciences -

  • Analytical Chemistry KC
  • Inorganic Chemistry KC
  • Life Science KC
  • Nuclear & Radiochemistry KC
  • Organic Chemistry KC
  • Physical Chemistry KC

Language -

  • Hindi KC

Commerce -

  • Business Economics HR
  • Business Policy & Administration HR

Economics -

  • Phd in economics

Education -

  • Education BTT

Performing Arts -

  • Performing Arts HSNCU

Yoga -

  • Yoga HSNCU
  • E.C.E.P Early Childhood Education Programme BTT
  • DE EIM Export & Import Management KC
  • PG BM Business Management KC
  • PG Human Resource Management KC
  • PG FIS Business Finance & Investment Studies KC
  • PG APR Advertising & Public Relations KC
  • PG MSM Advertising, Marketing & Sales Management KC
  • PG HA Hospital Administration KC
  • PG DDJ Journalism KC

Admission Process


A student desirous of pursuing any programme or course of study at HSNCU must register through the link and then proceed further to complete the application process. Anyone visiting the weblink will be guided through a series of simple steps. A student can apply for multiple campuses and programmes that he/she is eligible for through the same link.

A candidate applying for any of the programme may know more about the programmes/courses by visiting the webpage provided on the HSNCU portal. It is advised that a candidate should make himself/herself aware of the different programmes offered at various campuses and the eligibility criteria for each such programme/course before applying for same.

The HSNCU being a State University will follow all rules of admission relating to selection and reservation of seats as laid down by the Government from time to time. However, the colleges, having independent Minority Status, will follow the rules as applicable to such institutions provided under law.

All admissions will be on the basis of Merit, unless otherwise stated by the competent authority for specific programmes/courses. Merit lists will be put up for admission by the HSNCU and the respective campuses and candidates shortlisted for the particular Merit List has to complete the admission procedure as per the instructions and the time limit allowed.