Shri Ramesh Bais

Shri Ramesh Bais

Chancellor & Governor of Maharashtra

Shri Ramesh Bais, an Indian Politician, is an Agriculturist by nature and a great supporter of farmers. During his political career he was elected to Municipal Corporation of Raipur in 1978. He later won the 1980 assembly election and in 1989, he was elected as a member of the 9 th Lok Sabha into the Indian Parliament. Since then, for 7 consecutive terms, he has constantly been elected as a Lok Sabha member till 2014.

During his tenure, from 1992 he has been the Chairman for Madhya Pradesh Seeds and Farm Development Corporation and a Member of Committee on Agriculture.

During the 14 th Lok Sabha in 2004, he was elected as a Member of ‘Consultative Committee’ for Public Accounts, Ministry of Power; and in 2010 as a Member of Committee on Public Undertakings. Furthermore, from 2014 – 2019 he was appointed as a Chairman, Standing Committee on Social Justice and Empowerment when he extensively conducted studies on Rights of Persons with Disability, Bill on Transgender persons (Protection of Rights Bill).

His interests include Painting, Gardening, Interior designing and Sports etc. He has been the President for Sports Club - Chhattisgarh Archery Olympic Association. He has visited almost half the world countries for building his relations and has a family of two daughters and one son.